Request for Feedback on the Graphics and Interactive Techniques Knowledge Area of the Draft Computer Science Curricula 202X (CS202X)
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DescriptionA steering committee comprised of members of ACM, IEEE-CS, and AAAI began work in 2021 to produce the next version of undergraduate computer science curricular guidelines, known now as CS202X. In this BoF, we seek feedback on the draft Graphics and Interactive Techniques Knowledge Area comprised of the following Knowledge Units: Fundamentals, Visualization, Simulation, Basic Rendering, Geometric Modeling, Computer Animation, Immersion (MR, AR, VR), Interaction, Image Processing, Tangible/Physical Computing, and Advanced Rendering. The Graphics and Interactive Techniques sub-committee consists of Erik Brunvand, Kel Elkins, Jeff Lait, Amruth Kumar, Paul Mihail, Tabitha Peck, Susan Reiser, Ken Schmidt, and Dave Shreiner.