Atlas of a Changing Earth: Visualizing the Vavilov Ice Cap Collapse
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Electronic Theater
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TimeMonday, 8 August 20226:40pm - 6:46pm PDT
LocationWest Building, Ballroom C/D
Lead Creator Kalina Borkiewicz
Studio/Organization Affiliation(s) Advanced Visualization Lab, National Center for Supercomputing Applications
Synopsis Data visualization breakdown, showing the data processing, data fusion, and design that went into creating a cinematic scientific visualization of a collapsing ice cap.
Country(s) of Origin USA
DescriptionAtlas of a Changing Earth is a 24-minute full-dome film built around the high-resolution satellite imagery gathered by the ArcticDEM survey project. This video highlights the work that went into transforming that 2D imagery into mapped datasets of Earth's topography to use as textures and deformations in 3D animation.