Follow the Money: Graphing the Anti-Equality Movement
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Diversity Equity and Inclusion
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Diversity Equity & Inclusion
DescriptionA Clever Label is an original interactive immersive documentary experience that, through a novel data visualization mechanic, curates and presents connected graph data. The product is a re-versionable and extensible VR graph browser, with all data and media content served through an open web API that caches queries from a graph database.

Inside the XR experience a presenter guides the audience, via volumetric video, voiceovers, haptics and subtitles, to uncover and investigate a complex verified web of political lobbyists and wealthy donors behind attacks on the rights of LGBTQI+ people.

It is part of long-term research into interactive storytelling, virtual production and the "Internet of (Showbiz) Things". Inspired by journalism projects like The Panama Papers, we support audience preference to explore information and reach conclusions independently. Analysts, researchers and journalists also need ways to visualise large interconnected data sets.

A Clever Label has been selected for the SIGGRAPH2022 Immersive Pavillion.