Sign of the Times: Creating the first sign language interpretation in AAA games
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Diversity Equity and Inclusion
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Diversity Equity & Inclusion
DescriptionIn an industry where subtitles are seen as the end-all-be-all of accessibility for the hard of hearing, many deaf players still find games to be largely inaccessible. This talk will address common misconceptions around subtitles as accessibility aids and deep dive into how Forza Horizon 5 became the first AAA game to include sign language interpretation. By stepping through the reasons we chose to support this feature, the process we followed, the pitfalls we didn’t see coming, and learnings we gained, we’ll give listeners the knowledge and tools they need to include sign language interpretation in their own projects. We’ll discuss the different styles of interpretation and signing, methods for translating and recording sign language content, and important considerations when working with a marginalized community whose specific experiences do not overlap your own.