Adaptive Art Technologies: Enabling Creative Expression
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Diversity Equity and Inclusion
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Diversity Equity & Inclusion
DescriptionAt Adaptive Art Technologies, we design and develop technologies that enable people with disabilities to express themselves creatively. We follow a modular approach by designing independent media engines and alternative controllers. So far, our team developed an audio DSP engine as well as three controllers: a wearable device controller (utilizing accelerometer data transmitted via BLE), a computer vision (CV) controller (using ML for gesture recognition and feature detection to check for collisions against on-screen GUI elements), and an EEG controller (splitting neural information captured via a commercial headset into discrete frequency bands). Each controller's data is mapped to various parameters of the audio engine, resulting in an effective musical performance. A person with cerebral palsy tested the first two of these controllers, and demonstrated high technology usability by creating a successful musical performance. Future developments include a graphics engine and extending the CV controller to draw via eye tracking.