Amplifying Inclusion in Open Source: Intentional Actions Everyone Can Take
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Diversity Equity and Inclusion
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Diversity Equity & Inclusion
DescriptionBuilding an inclusive, empowering and supportive open source community takes intentional action. This panel, presented by ASWF Diversity and Inclusion Working Group, features (5) technologists who will share both the opportunities and proven best practices to address them, which anyone, at any level, can implement in their organization.

Attendees will learn about:
-How to be aware and take action to break down language and cultural barriers
-Creating an environment where small to large contributions are welcome
-Creating transparency via blogging, recognizing what works and identifying opportunities
-How to set up your open source repo/documentation to declare expectations of a safe and respectful community
-How mentoring and being an ally to contributors and maintainers helps create a supportive and learning open source culture
-Creating (or joining) the program in which you want to enable inclusion and sense of belonging