Custom Landmarkers: Building Location-based AR With Lens Studio
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TimeMonday, 8 August 20224:15pm - 4:30pm PDT
LocationEast Building, Ballroom C
DescriptionLens Studio is an AR creation tool for building and publishing augmented reality Lenses to Snapchat, Spectacles, Snap Camera, or natively to Android or iOS apps through Camera Kit. Learn how to anchor Lenses to local places with Custom Landmarkers to build educational, useful, entertaining, and commercial location-based AR experiences.
Prerequisites The course is intended for those interested in learning how to create AR applications that overlay content onto the real-world. Participants will use their experience in 3D/2D design and programming to build a complete AR experience Lens. Those who are interested in learning how to become an augmented reality developer or AR 3D artist are encouraged to complete this course. Participants will leave with an understanding of what is commercially available for building and distributing location-based AR content and the skillset to build and distribute a Lens. This course is also very applicable for professors, teachers and academics who are looking to bring free AR tools into the classroom to give students hands-on experience with spatial development and 3D concepts.
Intended Audience Basic knowledge of 3D editors and 3D asset creation - Basic programming skills - An interest in AR/VR/XR - Download and configure Lens Studio prior to the course ( - Experience developing iOS or Android applications a plus!