Course on Virtual Nature as a Digital Twin: Botanically Correct 3D AR and VR Optimized Low-polygon and Photogrammetry High-polygon Plant Models
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TimeWednesday, 10 August 20222:35pm - 2:55pm PDT
LocationEast Building, Ballroom C
DescriptionVirtual nature as a digital twin and methods using GIS data in foliage brushes of botanically accurate plant models to create natural environments are covered. Two 3D plant model creation pipelines are demonstrated, one for optimized AR/VR low-polygon models and the second for high-polygon Unreal Engine 5 and RealityCapture models.
Prerequisites Art, game design, and computer science students will learn how to construct botanically correct 3D plant models. Students should be able to use the methods and processes of two production pipelines to create low-polygon and high-polygon models. Knowledge of photography, photo editing software, 3D modeling software, and game engine. Students should have software, such as Photoshop, Maya, Unreal Engine 5, and RealityCapture installed on their computer. Alternatively, they can learn about the methods without participating.
Intended Audience Knowledge of and past experience construction of 3D models is required. Students should already know how to use photo-editing, modeling and game engine software.