Differentiable Cameras and Displays
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TimeWednesday, 10 August 20222:55pm - 3:15pm PDT
LocationEast Building, Ballroom C
DescriptionThis course provides an introduction to differentiable wave propagation approaches and describes its application to displays and cameras. Specifically, the optical components of displays and cameras are treated as differentiable layers, akin to neural network layers, that can be trained jointly with the computational blocks of an imaging/display system.
Prerequisites The intended audience for this course are academic and industry researchers, and graduate students.
Intended Audience This is an introductory level course and has no prerequisites. Academic researchers with display, imaging, vision or optics background all alike will be able to attend the course without prerequisites. Similarly, the course is designed to include practitioners as attendees in the camera, imaging, optics, displays, visual effects, robotics or autonomous vehicle space. Practical coding examples will facilitate and engaging course.