Hands-On Class: NVIDIA: Learn How To Use NVIDIA Nsight Tools To Debug & Profile Ray Tracing Applications
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TimeTuesday, 9 August 20221pm - 3pm PDT
LocationWest Building, Ballroom A/B, Labs Hands-On Classroom
DescriptionIn this hands-on class, you'll learn how to utilize NVIDIA Nsight Graphics and Nsight Systems to profile and optimize 3D Applications that are using Ray Tracing. Using an example application, you'll learn how to:
- Understand how modern GPUs function and how to properly feed the graphics pipeline
- Identify GPU bottlenecks that degrade performance by inspecting low level metrics
- Analyze profiler data and understand what actions you should take
- Optimize some example workloads to achieve peak performance

Upon completion, you should be able to leverage this knowledge to create workflows that can help you to improve your own applications.