3D Programmer (Rendering)
Ubisoft Montreal
Event Type
Job Posting
TimeMonday, 8 August 202210am - 3pm PDT
DescriptionWhen you’re a 3D Programmer at Ubi Montreal, you connect with our players on two of the most basic aspects of a AAA game: its visuals and its performance. Your exceptional maths skills, your sharp eye for visual detail and your knowledge of GPUs allow you to write a game’s most fundamental code and deliver a stunning visual experience.

As a dependable member of a larger production team, you collaborate with colleagues from a range of disciplines who depend on you for quickly getting something that is clear and good looking up on screen. You work well with technical artists, transforming their requirements into efficient, working code.

Essentially, what you care about is image quality; you’re probably a photography or cinematography buff. You have a good understanding of the physics of lighting and a working knowledge of physically based shading. You use these passions, skills and knowledge to create striking work, and are eager for your colleagues’ feedback.

What you'll do:

- Program code customized to the hardware you are working with.
- Explore new hardware and deal with the interesting new challenges it poses.
- Meet up with artists to assess their needs and vision.
- Review code to improve its performance, in search of that vital extra millisecond.
- Read the latest relevant academic literature in order to stay at the forefront of your field.
- You might attend a 3D tech talk by one of your colleagues on another project or brand – or give one yourself.

What you bring:

- Around 7 years of experience in general programming, ideally in the video game industry in 3D development (having shipped a video game is an asset)
- A proficiency to communicate with all disciplines and to support and elevate the team in terms of visuals
and performance
- Experience with HLSL, DirectX
- Proficiency in C++ (understanding of C# is an asset)
- Experience developing on video game consoles and in performance optimization for consoles
- A degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering (or related training)
- You are a Philomath (a.k.a. a lover of maths – algebra, geometry, calculus, the whole set)
- A creative and innovative spirit