Compositing - Intermediate/Senior (Image Engine Vancouver)
Image Engine Design Inc
Event Type
Job Posting
TimeMonday, 8 August 202210am - 3pm PDT

The Compositor is responsible for delivering high quality composites in a quick and efficient manner. They will apply notes provided by the Compositing Supervisors/Leads. They will manage their time effectively to ensure tasks are completed within the assigned timeframe and to the specifications requested by Image Engine clients. The will take on shots in varying levels of difficulty including, green screen, 2D tracking and 2D projections. They will identify and troubleshoot problems as needed and will ask for assistance when necessary to ensure effective use of time and resources.
They will begin quality checking their own work and assisting Senior artists to develop new concepts and approaches to improve work quality. They will participate in all team meetings when necessary.


Apply client notes to all comp shots with minimal guidance
Communicate successes and challenges faced by the team to the Compositing Supervisor
Take direction from the Compositing Supervisor to help realize the vision of the shots
Ensure continuity is upheld across shots and sequences
Work primarily with Compositing Supervisor/ leads to effectively solve compositing challenges within the pipeline
Composite multiple types of shots (live action footage, digital still photography, rendered cg elements and digital paint) with minimal supervision to create believable environments that are to be seamlessly integrated into the film
Work with production and supervisor team to understand and manage schedules and shot deadlines
Attend dailies, reviews, and team meetings
Provide input regarding tools and interfaces to improve throughout
Work with Compositing team to maintain continuity and consistent performance within a show
Work closely with lighters and matte painters to finish shots so that computer generated elements are seamlessly integrated with live-action plates
Manage time and resources to meet weekly targets
Promote interdepartmental collaboration


3+ years (Mid) - 5+ years (Senior) experience in compositing digital VFX for film
Demonstrated work experience in Nuke (ie. assemble cg passes, cleanup, keying, roto)
Ability to balance quick turnaround while achieving a high degree of aesthetic quality


Technical skills

Experience in Nuke
Strong aptitude for technical workflow challenges such as directory structure, file formats, naming conventions, scripts, automation tools, automated dailies, etc.
Knowledge of compositing workflow and the compositing application interface
Good understanding of photography and film and how the interactions of light, lenses and film emulsions go to make up the image
Ability to understand black levels, grain structure and any technical issues pertaining to the film format

Core skills

Ability to composite multiple types of shots from simple to difficult with increasingly less supervision
Ability to troubleshoot and deal with competing priorities and projects
Ability to adapt quickly to new technologies and applications
Excellent time management and communication skills
Ability to remain calm during peak production periods and maintain the morale of the Compositing team.

*Candidates are required to be based in British Columbia.