Creature FX TD - Film & Episodic
London, United Kingdon
Event Type
Job Posting
TimeMonday, 8 August 202210am - 3pm PDT
DescriptionCreature FX Artists are responsible for providing a wide variety of dynamic simulations for character based work; including clothing, hair, muscle, skin as well as any post simulation sculpting and finaling.

Creature FX artists will be expected to carry out the following responsibilities:

- Create simulation rigs for characters and creatures using Maya nCloth, nHair, and additional 3rd party and proprietary tools.

- Execute shots using simulation rigs and the delivery of finished assets to the Lighting department.

- Liaise with other departments involved in the creature workflow - Modeling, Rigging, Animation, Lighting and Groom.

- Be involved in the development of departmental tools and techniques.

- Meet schedules and deadlines whilst maintaining the highest standards.

- Present work for review to leads, supervisors, clients etc and follow through with notes and feedback as required.

- Have ongoing communication with production and leads regarding schedules and deadlines.

- Continue to become familiar with new tools, software, data and other related technology.

- Work efficiently as part of a team, or independently, to complete assigned shots.

Job requirements

Desirable Skills:

- Programming or scripting experience.

- Modelling and rigging skills and experience.

- A good understanding of Maya constraints and deformers.

- Experience of working under a Unix/Linux systems environment.

- Possesses a good eye, able to look at reference material and understand how to apply that within a simulation environment.

- Good understanding of anatomy human and animal.