Computer Graphics Disruptions in Art, Science, Visualization, Engineering and Modeling
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DescriptionThe goal of the Retrospective panels is to inspire the next generation of attendees to SIGGRAPH, to realise there are many pathways for their career in CG to have impact. We bring panelists with noteworthy, yet untold stories.

In this panel, we look at how the world in general has been impacted by CG. We have drawn together four diverse panelists, all of them innovators and disruptors. We look at how these SIGGRAPH veterans use CG to change the worlds of art, science, engineering, and at the core of computer graphics itself, modeling. We present their pathways to success, as an inspiration for young SIGGRAPHers to strive towards making disruptions in their own chosen fields.

Yoichiro Kawaguchi, has pushed the use of mathematics and algorithms to disrupt the world of art. His contributions have helped make these tools a serious part of the art’s fabric in the 21st century. His contributions to SIGGRAPH over the last 35 years are legendary, including the annual sake barrel.

Eugene Fiume disrupts by taking ad hoc methods and defining rigid mathematical and scientific principles to achieve advancements on a practical level. His contributions are not only papers, but students who have gone on to be the new generation of SIGGRAPH disrupters.

David Kasik became a disruptor by bringing new CG ideas to the aircraft industry. He is also a major SIGGRAPH supporter and has innovated new programs, given service to the pioneers and driven the support for high schoolers to become exposed to the wonders of SIGGRAPH.

Alyn Rockwood has introduced disruptions to CG through new modeling techniques, pioneering advanced ideas in mathematical modeling. His offerings challenge the conventional reliance on polygons. Some of his early innovations are only now coming to fruition as computers become fast enough to keep up with Alyn’s ideas.