The evolution of the user experience: Computer Graphics & interactivity.
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DescriptionIn this retrospective panel on the evolution of the user experience in computer graphics, we take a look backwards, across and eventually forward in this fascinating area that creates essential ways in which humans and the digital interact. We bring together distinguished panelists, all SIGGRAPH veterans, from research, academia and industry, to talk about their stories in growing the interactive graphics experience across several decades and across the world.

James Foley literally wrote the book on computer graphics and is considered one of the fathers of human-computer interaction. Gudrun Klinker is a seminal scholar in developing immersive XR approaches for large-scale industrial applications where user experience is key. Kiyoshi Kiyokawa's substantial contributions in early AR/VR techniques led him to a focus on human augmentation and assistive interfaces, envisioning a society in which advanced computer graphics technologies enable a more inclusive society. Maureen Stone 's long research career in digital color, interactive techniques and human perception grew to a broader focus on the role of design in how people think, interact and work with visual interfaces.

Our four panelists all began their research in different backgrounds, but they all converge on the essential challenges of better understanding and supporting the human. They'll talk about their paths and their insights in the evolution of the user experience in computer graphics through their careers, and how the SIGGRAPH research focus shifted away from the user and needs to come back. Thus, we present this panel as both inspiration and provocation for young SIGGRAPH researchers to bring a centered perspective into their work in crafting the future.