Digital Arts: The Earth, Our Home - Art, Technology, and Critical Action Online Exhibition, Part 1
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DescriptionPart 1: Artists, scientists, technologists, and social practitioners have the power to critically respond to the issues facing our planet. By engaging in practices and producing artwork that seek to critically respond to the issues facing the natural world, these artists help us re-imagine a better future. In January 2022, the ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community launched an online exhibition that showcased creative works that investigated, questioned, and proposed critical action to reestablish a sustainable and balanced relationship with The Earth, Our Home ( The works range from scientific visualization, AI investigations, virtual and augmented experiences, and aesthetic encounters. During the online exhibition opening, the artists gave lightning talks at a SPARKS session. At this SIGGRAPH Village presentation, highlights from the SPARKS talks from half of the artists in the exhibition will be shown. They will discuss their artworks and the environmental issues they addressed. Part 2 of The Earth, Our Home - Art, Technology, and Critical Action Online Exhibition, which will focus on the second 10 artworks in the show, will be presented at the ACM SIGGRAPH Village in person.

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