International Resources: The International Workplace: Working and Studying Remotely from Another Country
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DescriptionDuring the past years many companies and universities had to temporarily shift to working remotely or in hybrid formats and some of them found it beneficial and decided to adopt the new ways. This shift has even allowed for some international employees and students to work and study remotely from another country, expanding the potential outreach for companies and schools outside of their geographic areas. However, working and studying remotely, especially from abroad, has its own issues due to visas, payments and taxes, accessibility, digital equity, as well as difficulties around scheduling hours for project meetings and classes, group collaborations, sense of community and belonging, and the lack of water-cooler conversations.

In this session, we would like to reflect on this new experience, both from the perspective of the quality of content produced and the quality of life of employees and students, what was learned from this experience, and how this knowledge could be applied to change work and study settings in the future.

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