Maria Courtial
Maria Courtial is co-founder & producer of Faber Courtial, one of Germany’s leading VR & VFX studios.
She graduated in Industrial Design & founded the company in 1998 together with husband Joerg where she takes charge of project conception & consulting with clients on all creative matters.
Since 2014, Maria has been acting as producer of the company’s successful VR films.
The creation of VR film content became more and more a matter of heart to her. Right from the beginning of each project, she is working closely together with husband and director Joerg, "shaping" new groundbreaking VR experiences. Both are fascinated of VR’s infinite possibilities and their films are quite often the result of passionate debates.
This “passion” to produce “the best that’s possible” has been part of their business philosophy ever since and they are constantly trying to set high standards in VR storytelling, VR production and the implementation of the latest VR techniques.
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