Ethan Edwards
Ethan Edwards is a Researcher in Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.) at Nokia Bell Labs, an initiative which fuses art with engineering in wide-ranging collaborations to humanize technology. He works directly with scientists and artists to help facilitate collaboration and builds technology which spans both worlds. He is an artist himself graduating with an MFA in Sound Art from Columbia University and has had work featured in various museums, galleries, and performances around the world. His personal artwork has taken the form of videos, installations, mobile applications, photography, VR worlds, video games, and more. His work investigates the power of new and historical media, from premodern poetry to Neural Net technology, and what unique truths they might contain. His primary concern is using the language and systems of the future to further human values which are at risk of being forgotten. His personal practice as an artist and professional career as a Researcher converge in this larger mission.
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