Yulia is an Assistant Professor (Lecturer) in Artificial Intelligence at CVSSP and Surrey Institute for People-Centred AI, UK.
Previously (2020-2022), she was a Senior Research Fellow in Computer Vision and Machine Learning at the Centre for Vision Speech and Signal Processing (CVSSP), UK. She was a postdoctoral researcher at Inria, Sophia Antipolis, France (2017-2020).
She obtained her Ph.D. in 2017 in Computer Vision and Graphics from the Max-Planck Institute for informatics, Saarbruecken, Germany. She got her diploma from Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia.

Her most recent research interests include concept sketching, VR sketching, sketch-based modeling and retrieval, image-based modeling, sketch beautification, geometric deep learning, sketch classification and sketch generation, feature points/keypoints detection, deep 3D shape analysis, CAD modeling, and generative models (GANs and normalizing flows).
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