Mengtai Zhang was born in China and currently lives in New York. Employing sculpture, sound, and video, his works create ambivalent allegories of power, where personal and sociopolitical factors encounter each other. Mengtai's works have been presented internationally, including Times Art Museum (Beijing, China), NYFW-Hot Now China, MOCA SJZ (Shijiazhuang, China), Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture (Shenzhen, China), New Interfaces for Musical Expression (Virginia Tech, US), International Computer Music Conference (Daegu, Korea), Sound and Music Computing (Espoo, Finland), SNAP (Shanghai, China), Handshake 302 (Shenzhen, China), Space Heater Gallery, Issue Project Room, ChaShaMa, Humble Arts Foundation, Mise_en_PLACE, and Fridman Gallery in New York.
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