Professor Kenny Mitchell is a Technical Director of Rendering at Roblox and chair of Video Game Technology at Edinburgh Napier University providing practical technology solutions for video games, Disney theme parks, movie production, and immersive media. Over the past 20 years he has shipped video games ground breaking high-end graphics technologies including voxels, volumetric light scattering, motion blur, light field and deep learning methods. His Ph.D. founded real-time 3D graphics for information visualization on consumer hardware. Whilst leading technology into movie franchise video games like Harry Potter, the BAFTA award winning Boom Blox with Stephen Spielberg, Star Wars augmented reality photos, and image quality for CG (Finding Dory) & live action (Pirates of the Caribbean) films, he currently has over 50 patent inventions. He has built and managed research groups up to 20 people, and projects with international consortia of up to 24 companies/universities.
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