Mark Liu is a fashion and textile designer that applies scientific rigor to traditional techniques in the fahsion industry. His PhD research uses modern mathematics to resolve systemic problems in fashion patternmaking, developing the new field of "Non-Euclidean Fashion Patternmaking".

Mark is an acknowledged pioneer in the area of Zero-Waste Fashion design in the sustainable fashion movement in London. This developed out of his research while completing a Masters of Textiles Futures at Central Saint Martins College. Mark ran a Zero-Waste Fashion label for several years and has exhibited in Estethica at London Fashion Week for many seasons. This fashion label was awarded the Innovation Award by the Ethical Fashion Forum. Mark was awarded the role of artist-in-residence at the London Print Works Trust.

His work bridging the gap between fashion and science has showcased at the London Science Museum. Mark's commissions have taken him all over the world, including representing the British Council in a sustainable fashion show in New Delhi, and creating collections for the Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art in Korea. His work has exhibited in museums in the UK, US, China, India, Korea, Amsterdam and Denmark, and has been published in numerous newspapers, magazines, books, publications and blogs.
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