Gal Chechik is a director of AI at NVIDIA and a Professor at Bar-Ilan University, Leading NVIDIA research in Israel. His research spans learning in brains and machines, focusing mainly on deep machine learning for perception and reasoning.

Gal earned his PhD in 2004 from the Hebrew University developing machine learning methods to study neural coding. His PostDoctoral work at Stanford focused on computational principles in molecular biology pathways. In 2007, he joined Google research, where he worked large-scale machine learning for perception and search. Since 2009, he heads the learning systems lab at Bar Ilan University, and was appointed a full professor in 2019. In 2018 he joined NVIDIA as a director of AI, leading NVIDIA's research in Israel. Gal is the author of ~110 refereed publications, and ~40 patents including publications in Nature Biotechnology, Cell and PNAS. His work won best-paper awards at NeurIPS and ICML.
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