Technical Paper: Roundtable Session: Computational Photography
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This session WILL NOT be recorded.
TimeMonday, 8 August 20229am - 10:30am PDT
LocationEast Building, Ballroom A/B
DescriptionJoin the contributors in-person for a roundtable discussion. Each presenter will provide an overview of their paper, then break out into smaller groups for interactive discussions. Be sure to watch the pre-recorded presentation videos below once the virtual platform is open on 25 July.
9:00am - 9:08am PDTCentimeter-wave Free-space Neural Time-of-flight Imaging
9:08am - 9:16am PDTBlending Camera and 77 GHz Radar Sensing for Equitable, Robust Plethysmography
9:16am - 9:24am PDTSeeing Through Obstructions With Diffractive Cloaking
9:24am - 9:32am PDTOptical Aberration Correction in Postprocessing Using Imaging Simulation
9:32am - 9:40am PDTSearching for Fast Demosaicking Algorithms
9:40am - 9:45am PDTComparison of Single-image HDR Reconstruction Methods — The Caveats of Quality Assessment
9:45am - 9:53am PDTHigh Dynamic Range and Super-resolution From Raw Image Bursts
9:53am - 10:01am PDTLookOut! Interactive Camera Gimbal Controller for Filming Long Takes
10:01am - 10:30am PDTInteractive Discussions