Technical Paper: Roundtable Session: Benchmarks, Datasets and Learning
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TimeWednesday, 10 August 202210:45am - 12:15pm PDT
LocationEast Building, Room 1-3
DescriptionJoin the contributors in-person for a roundtable discussion. Each presenter will provide an overview of their paper, then break out into smaller groups for interactive discussions. Be sure to watch the pre-recorded presentation videos below once the virtual platform is open on 25 July.
10:45am - 10:53am PDTA Large-scale Comparison of Tetrahedral and Hexahedral Elements for Solving Elliptic PDEs With the Finite Element Method
10:53am - 11:01am PDTA Large Scale Benchmark and an Inclusion-based Algorithm for Continuous Collision Detection
11:01am - 11:09am PDTThe Hierarchical Subspace Iteration Method for Laplace-Beltrami Eigenproblems
11:09am - 11:14am PDTGWA: A Large Geometric-wave Acoustic Dataset for Audio Deep Learning
11:14am - 11:22am PDTNIMBLE: A Non-rigid Hand Model With Bones and Muscles
11:22am - 11:30am PDTNeuralSound: Learning-based Modal Sound Synthesis With Acoustic Transfer
11:30am - 11:38am PDTImplicit Neural Representation for Physics-driven Actuated Soft Bodies
11:38am - 11:43am PDTAnalytically Integratable Zero-restlength Springs for Capturing Dynamic Modes Unrepresented by Quasistatic Neural Networks
11:43am - 12:15pm PDTInteractive Discussions