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A𝛿: Autodiff for Discontinuous Programs — Applied to Shaders
A Clebsch Method for Free-surface Vortical Flow Simulation
A Compact Representation of Measured BRDFs Using Neural Processes
A Fast Unsmoothed Aggregation Algebraic Multigrid Framework for the Large-scale Simulation of Incompressible Flow
A General Two-stage Initialization for Sag-free Deformable Simulations
A GPU-based Multilevel Additive Schwarz Preconditioner for Cloth and Deformable Body Simulation
A Large Scale Benchmark and an Inclusion-based Algorithm for Continuous Collision Detection
A Large-scale Comparison of Tetrahedral and Hexahedral Elements for Solving Elliptic PDEs With the Finite Element Method
A Motion Matching-based Framework for Controllable Gesture Synthesis From Speech
A Moving Eulerian-Lagrangian Particle Method for Thin Film and Foam Simulation
A Practical Model for Realistic Butterfly Flight Simulation
A Unified Newton Barrier Method for Multibody Dynamics
A Theoretical Analysis of Compactness of the Light Transport Operator
Accommodative Holography: Improving Accommodation Response for Perceptually Realistic Holographic Displays
Active Exploration for Neural Global Illumination of Variable Scenes
Adaptive Rigidification of Elastic Solids
Adjoint Nonlinear Ray Tracing
ADOP: Approximate Differentiable One-pixel Point Rendering
Affine Body Dynamics: Fast, Stable, and Intersection-free Simulation of Stiff Materials
Alpha Wrapping With an Offset
Alpha-functions — Piecewise-linear Approximation From Noisy and Hermite Data
An Efficient B-spline Lagrangian/Eulerian Method for Compressible Flow, Shock Waves, and Fracturing Solids
An Inverse Procedural Modeling Pipeline for SVBRDF Maps
Analytically Integratable Zero-restlength Springs for Capturing Dynamic Modes Unrepresented by Quasistatic Neural Networks
Animating Portrait Line Drawings From a Single Face Photo and a Speech Signal
Approximate Convex Decomposition for 3D Meshes With Collision-aware Concavity and Tree Search
Artemis: Articulated Neural Pets With Appearance and Motion Synthesis
As-locally-uniform-as-possible Reshaping of Vector Clip Art
ASE: Large-scale Reusable Adversarial Skill Embeddings for Physically Simulated Characters
ASSET: Autoregressive Semantic Scene Editing With Transformers at High Resolutions
Authentic Volumetric Avatars From a Phone Scan
Automatic Quantization for Physics-based Simulation
AvatarCLIP: Zero-shot Text-driven Generation and Animation of 3D Avatars
Blending Camera and 77 GHz Radar Sensing for Equitable, Robust Plethysmography
CCP: Configurable Crowd Profiles
Centimeter-wave Free-space Neural Time-of-flight Imaging
Character Articulation Through Profile Curves
CLIP2StyleGAN: Unsupervised Extraction of StyleGAN Edit Directions
CLIPasso: Semantically Aware Object Sketching
Closed-loop Control of Direct Ink Writing via Reinforcement Learning
Clustered Vector Textures
Co-optimization of Design and Fabrication Plans for Carpentry
Compact Poisson Filters for Fast Fluid Simulation
Comparison of Single-image HDR Reconstruction Methods — The Caveats of Quality Assessment
Compatible Intrinsic Triangulations
ComplexGen: CAD Reconstruction by B-rep Chain Complex Generation
Computational Design of High-level Interlocking Puzzles
Computational Design of Knit Templates
Computational Design of Passive Grippers
Computational Mirror Cup and Saucer Art
Computational Object-wrapping Rope Nets
Computational Pattern Making From 3D Garment Models
Computing Sparse Integer-constrained Cones for Conformal Parameterizations
Constant-cost Spatio-angular Prefiltering of Glinty Appearance Using Tensor Decomposition
Contact-centric Deformation Learning
Covector Fluids
Dark Stereo: Improving Depth Perception Under Low Luminance
DCT-Net: Domain-calibrated Translation for Portrait Stylization
Deep Compliant Control
Deep Deformable 3D Caricatures With Learned Shape Control
DeepPhase: Periodic Autoencoders for Learning Motion Phase Manifolds
DeepVideoFaceEditing: Sketch-based Deep Editing of Face Videos
DEF: Deep Estimation of Sharp Geometric Features in 3D Shapes
DeltaConv: Anisotropic Operators for Geometric Deep Learning on Point Clouds
Designing Perceptual Puzzles by Differentiating Probabilistic Programs
Detecting Viewer-perceived Intended Vector Sketch Connectivity
Dev2PQ: Planar Quadrilateral Strip Remeshing of Developable Surfaces
Developability-driven Piecewise Approximations for Triangular Meshes
DiffCloth: Differentiable Cloth Simulation With Dry Frictional Contact
Diffeomorphic Neural Surface Parameterization for 3D and Reflectance Recovery
Differentiable Signed Distance Function Rendering
DiffPD: Differentiable Projective Dynamics
DiffusionNet: Discretization Agnostic Learning on Surfaces
Disentangling Random and Cyclic Effects in Time-lapse Sequences
Domain Enhanced Arbitrary Image Style Transfer via Contrastive Learning
Dr.Jit: A Just-in-time Compiler for Differentiable Rendering
Drivable Volumetric Avatars Using Texel-aligned Features
DSG-Net: Learning Disentangled Structure and Geometry for 3D Shape Generation
Dual Octree Graph Networks for Learning Adaptive Volumetric Shape Representations
Dynamic Optimal Space Partitioning for Redirected Walking in Multi-user Environment
EAMM: One-Shot Emotional Talking Face via Audio-based Emotion-Aware Motion Model
EARS: Efficiency-aware Russian Roulette and Splitting
Ecoclimates: Climate-response Modeling of Vegetation
Efficiency-aware Multiple Importance Sampling for Bidirectional Rendering Algorithms
Efficient Estimation of Boundary Integrals for Path-space Differentiable Rendering
Efficient Kinetic Simulation of Two-Phase Flows
Egocentric Scene Reconstruction From an Omnidirectional Video
Eikonal Fields for Refractive Novel-view Synthesis
EMBER: Exact Mesh Booleans via Efficient and Robust Local Arrangements
Energetically Consistent Inelasticity for Optimization Time Integration
Ensemble Metropolis Light Transport
Escherization With Large Deformations Based on As-rigid-as-possible Shape Modeling
Estimation of Yarn-level Simulation Models for Production Fabrics
EyeNeRF: A Hybrid Representation for Photorealistic Synthesis, Animation, and Relighting of Human Eyes
Face Deblurring Using Dual Camera Fusion on Mobile Phones
Face Extrusion Quad Meshes
Facial Hair Tracking for High Fidelity Performance Capture
Fast Evaluation of Smooth Distance Constraints on Co-dimensional Geometry
Filament Based Plasma
Fine Wrinkling on Coarsely Meshed Thin Shells
Free-viewpoint Indoor Neural Relighting from Multi-view Stereo
Free2CAD: Parsing Freehand Drawings Into CAD Commands
GANimator: Neural Motion Synthesis From a Single Sequence
Generalized Resampled Importance Sampling: Foundations of ReSTIR
Generative GaitNet
geoTangle: Interactive Design of Geodesic Tangle Patterns on Surfaces
Go Green: General Regularized Green's Functions for Elasticity
Grid-free Monte Carlo for PDEs With Spatially Varying Coefficients
Guided Bubbles and Wet Foam for Realistic Whitewater Simulation
GWA: A Large Geometric-wave Acoustic Dataset for Audio Deep Learning
High Dynamic Range and Super-resolution From Raw Image Bursts
Hogel-free Holography
Holographic Glasses for Virtual Reality
HRBF-Fusion: Accurate 3D Reconstruction From RGB-D Data Using On-the-fly Implicits
Image Features Influence Reaction Time: A Learned Probabilistic Perceptual Model for Saccade Latency
ImLoveNet: Misaligned Image-supported Registration Network for Low-overlap Point Cloud Pairs
Implicit Neural Representation for Physics-driven Actuated Soft Bodies
Instant Neural Graphics Primitives With a Multiresolution Hash Encoding
Interactive Augmented Reality Storytelling Guided by Scene Semantics
Iterative Poisson Surface Reconstruction (iPSR) for Unoriented Points
Joint Neural Phase Retrieval and Compression for Energy- and Computation-efficient Holography on the Edge
Learning From Documents in the Wild to Improve Document Unwarping
Learning High-DOF Reaching-and-grasping via Dynamic Representation of Gripper-object Interaction
Learning Smooth Neural Functions via Lipschitz Regularization
Learning Soccer Juggling Skills With Layer-wise Mixture of Experts
Learning to Brachiate via Simplified Model Imitation
Learning to Get Up
Learning to Use Chopsticks in Diverse Gripping Styles
LeviPrint: Contactless Fabrication Using Full Acoustic Manipulation of Elongated Parts
Local Anatomically Constrained Facial Performance Retargeting
Loki: A Unified Multiphysics Simulation Framework for Production
LookOut! Interactive Camera Gimbal Controller for Filming Long Takes
Low-poly Mesh Generation for Building Models
MatBuilder: Mastering Sampling Uniformity Over Projections
MatFormer: A Generative Model for Procedural Materials
Mixed Integer Neural Inverse Design
Möbius Convolutions for Spherical CNNs
Modeling and Rendering Non-Euclidean Spaces Approximated With Concatenated Polytopes
MoRF: Morphable Radiance Fields for Multiview Neural Head Modeling
Motion Puzzle: Arbitrary Motion Style Transfer by Body Part
Moving Level-of-detail Surfaces
NeAT: Neural Adaptive Tomography
NeROIC: Neural Rendering of Objects From Online Image Collections
Neural 3D Reconstruction in the Wild
Neural Dual Contouring
Neural Jacobian Fields: Learning Intrinsic Mappings of Arbitrary Meshes
Neural Layered BRDFs
Neural Rendering in a Room: Amodal 3D Understanding and Free-viewpoint Rendering for the Closed Scene Composed of Pre-Captured Objects
Neural Shadow Mapping
NeuralPassthrough: Learned Real-time View Synthesis for VR
NeuralSound: Learning-based Modal Sound Synthesis With Acoustic Transfer
NeuralTailor: Reconstructing Sewing Pattern Structures From 3D Point Clouds of Garments
NIMBLE: A Non-rigid Hand Model With Bones and Muscles
Node Graph Optimization Using Differentiable Proxies
Noise-based Enhancement for Foveated Rendering
Novel View Synthesis of Human Interactions From Sparse Multi-view Videos
Optical Aberration Correction in Postprocessing Using Imaging Simulation
Optimal Dual Schemes for Adaptive Grid Based Hexmeshing
OptiTrap: Optimal Trap Trajectories for Acoustic Levitation Displays
Palette: Image-to-image Diffusion Models
PAVEL: Decorative Patterns With Packed Volumetric Elements
PCEDNet: A Lightweight Neural Network for Fast and Interactive Edge Detection in 3D Point Clouds
Penetration-free Projective Dynamics on the GPU
Perception of Letter Glyph Parameters for InfoTypography
Perceptual Error Optimization for Monte Carlo Rendering
Perceptual Requirements for Eye-tracked Distortion Correction in VR
Photo-to-shape Material Transfer for Diverse Structures
Photon-driven Neural Reconstruction for Path Guiding
Physics Informed Neural Fields for Smoke Reconstruction With Sparse Data
Physics-based Character Controllers Using Conditional VAEs
Physics-based Combustion Simulation
Piecewise-smooth Surface Fitting Onto Unstructured 3D Sketches
Position-free Multiple-bounce Computations for Smith Microfacet BSDFs
Practical Level-of-detail Aggregation of Fur Appearance
Predicting Loose-fitting Garment Deformations Using Bone-driven Motion Networks
Procedural Texturing of Solid Wood With Knots
Procedural Urban Forestry
QuickPose: Real-time Multi-view Multi-person Pose Estimation in Crowded Scenes
R2E2: Low-latency Path Tracing of Terabyte-scale Scenes Using Thousands of Cloud CPUs
Random Walks for Adversarial Meshes
Rapid Design of Articulated Objects
Real-time Controllable Motion Transition for Characters
Reconstructing Translucent Objects Using Differentiable Rendering
Regression-based Monte Carlo Integration
ReLU Fields: The Little Non-linearity That Could
Rendering Iridescent Rock Dove Neck Feathers
Rendering Neural Materials on Curved Surfaces
Rendering of Subjective Speckle Formed by Rough Statistical Surfaces
Rewriting Geometric Rules of a GAN
Robust Computation of Implicit Surface Networks for Piecewise Linear Functions
Scalable Neural Indoor Scene Rendering
Searching for Fast Demosaicking Algorithms
Seeing Through Obstructions With Diffractive Cloaking
Self-conditioned Generative Adversarial Networks for Image Editing
Self-distilled StyleGAN: Towards Generation From Internet Photos
Self-Sampling for Neural Point Cloud Consolidation
Self-Supervised Post-Correction for Monte Carlo Denoising
Semantically Supervised Appearance Decomposition for Virtual Staging From a Single Panorama
ShaderTransformer: Predicting Shader Quality via One-shot Embedding for Fast Simplification
Shape Dithering for 3D Printing
Shoot360: Normal View Video Creation From City Panorama Footage
Simulating Brittle Fracture With Material Points
Simulation and Optimization of Magnetoelastic Thin Shells
Single-view View Synthesis in the Wild With Learned Adaptive Multiplane Images
Skeletonization via Local Separators
Sketch2Pose: Estimating a 3D Character Pose From a Bitmap Sketch
SNeRF: Stylized Neural Implicit Representations for 3D Scenes
SofGAN: A Portrait Image Generator With Dynamic Styling
SPAGHETTI: Editing Implicit Shapes Through Part Aware Generation
Sparse Ellipsometry: Portable Acquisition of Polarimetric SVBRDF and Shape With Unstructured Flash Photography
Sparsity-specific Code Optimization Using Expression Trees
SPCBPT: Subspace-based Probabilistic Connections for Bidirectional Path Tracing
Spelunking the Deep: Guaranteed Queries on General Neural Implicit Surfaces via Range Analysis
Stability-aware Simplification of Curve Networks
stelaCSF — A Unified Model of Contrast Sensitivity as the Function of Spatio-temporal Frequency, Eccentricity Luminance, and Area
Stroke Transfer: Example-based Synthesis of Animatable Stroke Styles
StrokeStyles: Stroke-based Segmentation and Stylization of Fonts
StyleFusion: Disentangling Spatial Segments in StyleGAN-generated Images
StyleGAN-NADA: CLIP-guided Domain Adaptation of Image Generators
StyleGAN-XL: Scaling StyleGAN to Large Diverse Datasets
Subdivision Based Convolutional Networks
Symmetry-driven 3D Reconstruction From Concept Sketches
Synthesis of Frame Field-aligned Multi-laminar Structures
Tailored Reality: Perception-aware Scene Restructuring for Adaptive VR Navigation
TCB-spline-based Image Vectorization
Text2Human: Text-driven Controllable Human Image Generation
TextureMe: High-quality Textured Scene Reconstruction in Real Time
The Hierarchical Subspace Iteration Method for Laplace-Beltrami Eigenproblems
The Power Particle-in-Cell Method
TightCap: 3D Human Shape Capture With Clothing Tightness Field
Time-multiplexed Neural Holography: A Flexible Framework for Holographic Near-eye Displays With Fast Heavily Quantized Spatial Light Modulators
TopoCut: Fast and Robust Planar Cutting of Arbitrary Domains
Towards Practical Physical-optics Rendering
True Seams: Modeling Seams in Digital Garments
Umbrella Meshes: Elastic Mechanisms for Freeform Shape Deployment
Unbiased and Consistent Rendering Using Biased Estimators
Unbiased Inverse Volume Rendering With Differential Trackers
Unified Many-worlds Browsing of Arbitrary Physics-based Animations
Unsupervised Kinematic Motion Detection for Part-segmented 3D Shape Collections
Unsupervised Shape Completion via Deep Prior in the Neural Tangent Kernel Perspective
Variable Bitrate Neural Fields
Variational Quadratic Shape Functions for Polygons and Polyhedra
VEMPIC: Particle-in-polyhedron Fluid Simulation for Intricate Solid Boundaries
Volume Parametrization Quantization for Hexahedral Meshing
VoLux-GAN: A Generative Model for 3D Face Synthesis With HDRI Relighting
WallPlan: Synthesizing Floorplans by Learning to Generate Wall Graphs
Which Cross Fields Can Be Quadrangulated? Global Parameterization From Prescribed Holonomy Signatures