Labs: Demo Schedule - Tuesday, 9 August
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TimeTuesday, 9 August 202211am - 5:30pm PDT
LocationWest Building, Ballroom A/B (Labs area)
DescriptionThe Labs Demos that are scheduled for Tuesday are listed below. Labs Demos are an opportunity for contributors across many SIGGRAPH programs to augment their primary submission with a hands-on demo of their work's best features. All Labs Demos will take place on the Labs Demo stage unless otherwise noted.

11-11:20 am
Compatible Intrinsic Triangulations (Technical Paper)

11:30-11:50 am
Face Extrusion Quad Meshes (Technical Paper)

12-12:20 pm
Advances in Spatial Hashing: A Pragmatic Approach towards Robust Real-time Light Transport Simulation (Talk)

12:30-1 pm
Rewriting Geometric Rules of a GAN (Technical Paper)

1:10-1:40 pm
CLIPasso: Semantically-Aware Abstract Object Sketching (Technical Paper)

1:50-2:20 pm
A Unified Newton Barrier Method for Multibody Dynamics (Technical Paper)

2:30-2:50 pm
StyleGAN-NADA: CLIP-Guided Domain Adaptation of Image Generators (Technical Papers)

3-3:20 pm
Adaptive Rigidification of Elastic Solids (Technical Paper)

3:30-3:50 pm
Shape Dithering for 3D Printing (Technical Paper)

4:30-5 pm
Generative GaitNet (Technical Paper)

4:45-5:05 pm
A GPU-Based Multilevel Additive Schwarz Preconditioner for Cloth and Deformable Body Simulation (Technical Paper)
[Location: Labs Hands-On Classroom]

5-5:30 pm
Three Stage Drawing Transfer (Art Gallery)