SIGGRAPH 2022 Committee

Meet the SIGGRAPH 2022 program chairs.


Munkhtsetseg Nandigjav

Conference Chair

After receiving my B.S. in computer graphics technology from Purdue University and M.F.A. in animation from Savannah College of Art and Design, I went to work for and collaborate with a number of organizations and clients. Since 2008, I’ve been serving the SIGGRAPH community through the annual conferences and had the honor of joining the conference committee in 2017 as the Student Volunteers Chair, 2018 and 2019 as the Creative Development Director, and 2020 as the Computer Animation Festival Electronic Theater Director. While I’m not a collector, the Pixel bobble head has become my favorite thing every year at SIGGRAPH. Moving forward, I’m humbled to have the opportunity to serve as the conference chair for SIGGRAPH 2022.

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Daria Tsoupikova

Art Gallery Chair

I have an M.F.A. in computer graphics from Syracuse University and a B.F.A. in graphic design from Academy of Social Sciences in Moscow. Prior to joining academia in 2001, I worked for several design companies including global Siegel+Gale and the New York-based Firstborn. Beyond my work and research, I have a very international family, young daughter, and a very well-trained licensed therapy dog who holds 2017, 2018, and 2019 Top Regular Beauceron in AKC agility titles in the U.S. My hobbies include plein air painting, Therapy Dog International, volunteering in assisted living/hospitals, AKC agility training, and slalom.

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Daniel Cardoso Llach

Art Papers Chair

I am an associate professor in the school of architecture, chair of the master of science in computational design, and co-director of CodeLab at Carnegie Mellon University. I work across disciplines and am the author of multiple publications, exhibitions, and artifacts interrogating the nexus of computation and design, including the book “Builders of the Vision: Software and the Imagination of Design.” I hold a bachelor of architecture from Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, (where I am from), and a PhD and an MS (with honors) in design and computation from MIT. I also have been a research fellow at MECS and a visiting scholar at the University of Cambridge.

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Courtney Starrett

Community Engagement Chair

Little did I know that studying metalsmithing (BFA and MFA) would land me deeply embedded in this amazing computer graphics and interactive techniques community where I have found so many more commonalities than just teapots! I am currently an associate professor of visualization at Texas A&M University, a member of the VIVID Lab through Texas A&M Institute of Data Science, and hold the Harold Adams Interdisciplinary Professorship. It was love at first sight when I attended my first SIGGRAPH in 2007 and have been involved in the conference since. I have served on subcommittees, juries, and chaired The Studio in 2014 and Emerging Technologies in 2019. In addition to volunteering for SIGGRAPH I enjoy biking, hiking, and adventure seeking with my kids, dogs, and husband.

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Tamar Shinar

Courses Chair

I am an associate professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of California, Riverside. As co-director of the Riverside Graphics Lab, I lead research on physics-based animation, computational physics, and computational biology.

I studied mathematics, computer science, and art as an undergrad at UIUC. After graduating, I went to work for Wall Street for several years and then returned to my original love of computer graphics for graduate school at Stanford.

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Eveline Falcão

Creative Development Director

I graduated from the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE), in Brazil, with a bachelor’s degree in industrial design, with a one-year program at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) where I studied motion media design. Nowadays, I work independently as a motion designer in a wide range of advertising projects, as well as developing content toolkits for content production at scale. I love the art and math behind all things 2D and 3D and, down the road, I wish to pursue a master’s degree in computer science since I have a special enthusiasm for the design and engineering dialogue.

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Monica Cappiello

Education Liaison

I have over nine years of educational experience, including titles such as dean of academic affairs, full-time faculty, and director of media. Industry companies I worked for include PBS, Red Giant Studios, Mendez Foundation, and Pixellex Studio. I currently have a digital personal called Academic Phoenix, where I create digital tutorials. I currently have more than 36,000 subscribers. I have a B.A. in studio arts and digital media and a minor in astronomy from the University of Virginia. I also have an M.F.A. in animation from Savannah College of Art and Design. I currently work as an instructor at Ohlone College. Originally from the east coast, I’ve lived in Virginia, Florida, Georgia, and now my home state California. I also lived outside of the States in Italy, Spain, and Colombia. I was a costume designer and seamstress for operas in Italy. I was Geoffrey the Giraffe for Toys R Us and published a short story about my experience. I am a certified scuba diver, and my favorite spot to dive is the Florida Keys. I also completed two triathlons and volunteered with the Girl Scouts and Reading Partners. In my free time, I mountain climb, go for hikes, and play video games.

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Darin Kyoichi Grant

Electronic Theater Director

I am the group CTO at Animal Logic, the preeminent animation and VFX studio in Australia and Vancouver. Having graduated from Harvey Mudd College with a degree in computer science, I went on to work for several companies within the industry across all aspects of production and technology. Over 25 years, I have held a variety of senior positions as a technologist focusing on both visual effects and animation. I have volunteered my time to SIGGRAPH since 2001 as a juror, program chair, and advisor, including the Computer Animation Festival in 2003 and the SIGGRAPH Asia Business Symposium in 2014. Though working in the Australian time zone, I live in Los Angeles with my son and dog.

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Chris Redmann

General Submissions Chair

My educational background is in architecture. Following that, I was a faculty member at Drexel University for about a decade. Since then, I have held roles in production and engineering across visual effects, feature animation, VR/AR/XR, and real-time graphics development. When not working, I enjoy spending time with my wife and 9-year-old daughter in a wide range of outdoor activities (skiing, running, hiking, biking).

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Stanley Chan

GraphicsNet Chair

I am a computing security professional by day and have volunteered for SIGGRAPH for over five years. I will continue to use my knowledge in leading the small team of dedicated GraphicsNet volunteers in designing, deploying, and managing the conference network infrastructure.

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Derek Ham

Immersive Pavilion Chair

I am an associate professor and department head of art + design at NC State University’s College of Design. As the founder of the Mixed Reality Lab at the College of Design, I also lead the lab’s spinout startup, Logic Grip Inc. Through each, I continue to investigate immersive technology to find new ways these tools can expand the way we live, work, and play. I received my PhD in design computation from MIT, a master’s in architecture from Harvard’s Graduate School of Design, and a bachelor of architecture from Hampton University.

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June Kim

International Resources Committee Chair

My educational background is in creative technologies, multimedia, and IT/commerce. I am an associate lecturer (immersive design), UNSW Sydney. Prior to joining academia, I worked as a compositor and digital designer in New Zealand for about a decade. Since my first service as a student volunteer at SIGGRAPH Asia 2010, I have been participating in SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia conferences as a reviewer, juror, and on the conference committee.

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Kristy Pron

Labs Chair

I am a media arts and pipeline manager at Walt Disney Imagineering, where I help “Make the Magic.” I have been a longtime volunteer with ACM SIGGRAPH. I started as a Student Volunteer and have served as Emerging Technologies Chair, Experience Hall Chair, General Submissions, and most recently SIGGRAPH 2020 Conference Chair. When I’m not working, l love being outdoors playing tennis, taking my dog on new walking adventures, gator watching, DIYing everything, and spending time with my husband.

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Olga Diamanti

Posters Chair

Originally from Greece, I graduated as an electrical engineer from NTU Athens, then went on to obtain an MSc and PhD in computer science from ETH Zurich, Switzerland, followed up by postdocs at Stanford and TU Berlin. There, I finally attained one of my original “what do you want to do when you grow up” goals, which was “mathematics.” I am now an assistant professor at the Institute for Geometry at TU Graz, Austria, working on applied geometry (mostly in graphics). I have worked in various industrial research positions in the past (Adobe, Disney Research, Autodesk). I like beautiful math, good-looking graphics and scientific visualizations. I love finding patterns in things (to a fault) and exploring and exhausting ideas (be it math, philosophy, the human psyche). Music is a passion of mine, and I have a diverse set of random curiosities and interests and a general fascination for learning.

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Stephanie Eisenberg

Production Sessions Chair

Born and raised in LA, I’m a cinema account coordinator at Deluxe Entertainment with a BA in cinema and animation from San Francisco State University. I’ve been volunteering on various conference subcommittees for the past five years, but my SIGGRAPH journey started at the 2013 conference in Anaheim as a Student Volunteer. I was so amazed by everything that I saw. But what really made me fall in love with SIGGRAPH was the Production Sessions program. I have always loved and admired all things film, especially VFX and animation. Here was a program that highlighted and celebrated just that! I had no idea back then that I would have the honor of chairing the program that kept me coming back to this amazing conference and community year after year.

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Yibing Jiang

Real-Time Live! Chair

I’m a Chinese girl who came to the U.S. to chase my animation dream. I’m currently a creative/art director at Unity Technologies and the writer/director of the award-winning animated short “Windup.” Before joining Unity, my previous work was as an artist in various projects in the game and animation film industry for more than 10 years. My professional experience ranges from Naughty Dog, Pixar, and Walt Disney Animation Studios.

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Roy C. Anthony

Special Projects Chair

I serve as the global head of research at DNEG, one of the world’s leading visual effects and animation studios. With deep appreciation for the interdependence of art and technology, and leveraging a career spanning virtual reality, simulation, film, experiential design, and themed entertainment, I bring over 20 years of experience driving technical innovation to empower creativity. I hold patents in stereoscopy, VR/AR display systems, and display calibration, and I contributed to technology and publications on stereoscopic and high frame-rate filmmaking. An active SIGGRAPH committee member, I have served as Production Sessions Chair in 2014 and 2015, SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival Director in 2016, and Conference Chair for SIGGRAPH 2018. Additionally, I serve on the Toronto Board of Managers for the Visual Effects Society. I am a voting member of the Academy Software Foundation TAC, and I serve on the board of the RealTimeConference.

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Diana Arellano

Student Volunteers Chair

Born in Peru, I lived most of my life in Venezuela where I graduated as a computer engineer and obtained a MSc in computer sciences from the University Simon Bolivar. My PhD was done at the University of the Balearic Islands in Spain, where my main field of research was affective computing. Currently, I am CGI-development chapter lead at Mackevision — Part of Accenture Interactive in Stuttgart, Germany, where I am in charge of the organizational agility of our software development department. My volunteer journey with SIGGRAPH and ACM SIGGRAPH started in 2007 as Student Volunteer, where I went on to serve as Team Leader. I also have been ACM SIGGRAPH International Resources Committee (IRC) Chair, External Relations Committee Chair, and an active member of the ACM SIGGRAPH Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee.

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Niloy J. Mitra

Technical Papers Chair

I lead the Smart Geometry Processing group at University College London and the Adobe Research London Lab. I received my MS and PhD from Stanford University. My current research focuses on developing machine learning frameworks for generating high-quality geometric and appearance models for CG applications. I received the 2019 Eurographics Outstanding Technical Contributions Award, the 2015 British Computer Society Roger Needham Award, and the 2013 ACM SIGGRAPH Significant New Researcher Award. Besides research, Niloy is an active DIYer and loves reading, bouldering, and cooking.

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Yangos Hadjiyannis

VR Theater Director

I am an international entrepreneur, creative director, and mentor with a specialization in creating XR-empowered public experiences. I have delivered over 250 delivered, collaborative, digital media projects, working at the intersection of humans and technology. I am currently focused on creating meaningful bridges between physical and virtual spaces to inspire and connect the worlds in magical ways. My creative spark is fueled when incubating novel, cultural, diverse, human-centered XR experiences of scale that transport my audiences on voyages between realities. Notable projects in various industry verticals include: V-unframed, SIGGRAPH 2018–2019 VR Theater, Recto VRso — Laval Virtual, The Centre for Digital Media, Vancouver International Airport, BC Children’s Hospital, Vancouver Organizing Committee 2010 Olympics, Design for Humans, IntransitBC, and The Dubai Municipality. I am a graduate of the acclaimed masters of digital media program awarded conjointly by four prestigious universities: UBC, SFU, BCIT, and Emily Carr University, in Vancouver, Canada.

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Erik Brunvand

Conference Chair

I’m a professor of computer science in the School of Computing at the University of Utah, where I’ve been on the faculty since 1990. As a computer engineer, my research interests are generally related to domain-specific computer architectures, most recently for computer graphics. My interests extend from the high-level design of the processor, and the modification of the graphics algorithms to match the hardware, to the implementation on integrated circuits. As a teacher, I’ve won the University of Utah Distinguished Teaching, the College of Engineering Outstanding Teaching, and the School of Computing Outstanding Teaching awards. As an artist, I’m fascinated with arts/technology collaborations, including teaching courses in kinetic sculpture, and showing my work in a variety of venues, including the SIGGRAPH Art Gallery in 2014. I was the SIGGRAPH Education Chair in 2017 and 2018, co-chair of SIGGRAPH Labs in 2020, and chair of the ACM SIGGRAPH Distinguished Educator Award Committee, 2019–2021.

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