SIGGRAPH 2022 Committee

Meet the SIGGRAPH 2022 program chairs.


Munkhtsetseg Nandigjav

Conference Chair

After receiving my B.S. in computer graphics technology from Purdue University and M.F.A. in animation from Savannah College of Art and Design, I went to work for and collaborate with a number of organizations and clients. Since 2008, I’ve been serving the SIGGRAPH community through the annual conferences and had the honor of joining the conference committee in 2017 as the Student Volunteers Chair, 2018 and 2019 as the Creative Development Director, and 2020 as the Computer Animation Festival Electronic Theater Director. While I’m not a collector, the Pixel bobble head has become my favorite thing every year at SIGGRAPH. Moving forward, I’m humbled to have the opportunity to serve as the conference chair for SIGGRAPH 2022.

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Daria Tsoupikova

Art Gallery Chair

I have an M.F.A. in computer graphics from Syracuse University and a B.F.A. in graphic design from Academy of Social Sciences in Moscow. Prior to joining academia in 2001, I worked for several design companies including global Siegel+Gale and the New York-based Firstborn. Beyond my work and research, I have a very international family, young daughter, and a very well-trained licensed therapy dog who holds 2017, 2018, and 2019 Top Regular Beauceron in AKC agility titles in the U.S. My hobbies include plein air painting, Therapy Dog International, volunteering in assisted living/hospitals, AKC agility training, and slalom.

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Monica Cappiello

Education Liaison

I have over nine years of educational experience, including titles such as dean of academic affairs, full-time faculty, and director of media. Industry companies I worked for include PBS, Red Giant Studios, Mendez Foundation, and Pixellex Studio. I currently have a digital personal called Academic Phoenix, where I create digital tutorials. I currently have more than 36,000 subscribers. I have a B.A. in studio arts and digital media and a minor in astronomy from the University of Virginia. I also have an M.F.A. in animation from Savannah College of Art and Design. I currently work as an instructor at Ohlone College. Originally from the east coast, I’ve lived in Virginia, Florida, Georgia, and now my home state California. I also lived outside of the States in Italy, Spain, and Colombia. I was a costume designer and seamstress for operas in Italy. I was Geoffrey the Giraffe for Toys R Us and published a short story about my experience. I am a certified scuba diver, and my favorite spot to dive is the Florida Keys. I also completed two triathlons and volunteered with the Girl Scouts and Reading Partners. In my free time, I mountain climb, go for hikes, and play video games.

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Chris Redmann

General Submissions Chair

My educational background is in architecture. Following that, I was a faculty member at Drexel University for about a decade. Since then, I have held roles in production and engineering across visual effects, feature animation, VR/AR/XR, and real-time graphics development. When not working, I enjoy spending time with my wife and 9-year-old daughter in a wide range of outdoor activities (skiing, running, hiking, biking).

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June Kim

International Resources Committee Chair

My educational background is in creative technologies, multimedia, and IT/commerce. I am an associate lecturer (immersive design), UNSW Sydney. Prior to joining academia, I worked as a compositor and digital designer in New Zealand for about a decade. Since my first service as a student volunteer at SIGGRAPH Asia 2010, I have been participating in SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia conferences as a reviewer, juror, and on the conference committee.

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John Kalaigian

Production Sessions Chair

My professional employment began at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, where I was a member of the radiology department for five years. After attending SIGGRAPH 2003, I changed gears from medical imaging and informatics toward digital design and animation. For six years after graduate school, I worked as a freelance technical director/3D artist, primarily for advertising agencies and mid-range animation studios in New York City. I joined the Blue Sky Studios family in early 2012 where I enjoyed working alongside an amazing collective of talent, specifically the environments/assembly and character simulation teams. After the studio closed in early 2021, I’ve enjoyed returning to New York’s advertising and special projects market as a freelance 3D lead. I am a first generation Armenian-American, originally from Queens, New York. My hobbies include tennis, soccer, hockey, skiing, running, and scuba diving. I also enjoy tinkering with microcontroller-based projects, 3D printing, and starting to get into woodworking. Outside of SIGGRAPH, my most recent and rewarding volunteer activity has been serving as co-chair for the Visual Effects Society, New York Section, providing rewarding and enriching value for our membership in the Tri-State area.

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