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Art Gallery

Art Gallery is a juried exhibition that showcases the latest innovations in digital art and welcomes artists and enthusiasts alike to a space for creative contemplation.

To explore SIGGRAPH 2022 content in detail, please review Art Gallery’s listing on the ACM Digital Library.

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Best in Show

SIGGRAPH 2022 Art Gallery Best in Show: Ray

RAY provides a responsive art experience that re-interprets Rayograph (photogram) – a 20th Century cameraless image-making technique – in the perspective of Artificial Intelligent (AI) surveillance and the changing ontology of images. The system implements Image-to-Image Translation with Conditional Adversarial Networks and a computer vision system to translate human portraits into new images of Rayograph with semantic meanings, which are further developed algorithmically through visualizing in the aesthetics of light painting. RAY bridges intelligent visualization with cameraless photography Rayograph to engage audiences with an interactive poetic experience that conveys meanings.


Weidi Zhang
Media Arts and Technology Program (MAT), University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB)

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Arts and Health, the Convergence

Since ancient times, people have been interested in the function of our bodies and the work of our minds. Artists and scientists have applied the most advanced technologies of their times in their quest to understand the human body. The history of healthcare is the history of scientific exploration, discovery and innovation. But healthcare is also a visual science, so its history is not complete without the contributions of artists to document human anatomy, surgical procedures and diseases for research and education. From this point of view, the human body and mind unframe a nexus of healthcare and art and offer explorations into two very different domains.

2022. The world has been navigating the COVID-19 pandemic for two years. As humanity was anxiously waiting for a vaccine, medicine became our art, and art became our medicine. Artists applied cutting-edge technologies to create experimental works that promote mental health, fight social and cultural isolation, augment physical well-being, and improve communication over distance with family and friends.

The SIGGRAPH 2022 Art Gallery Theme Arts and Health, the Convergence, invites compelling digital and technologically mediated artworks created over the last two years during the global pandemic. The submissions may include, but are not limited to, creative projects that explore concepts of art and health, push the boundaries of our knowledge, reexamine our bodies and place in the world, advance human abilities, and design today’s and future medical, cultural, and virtual realities.

Please join us in the SIGGRAPH 2022 Art Gallery at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

Daria Tsoupikova
SIGGRAPH 2022 Art Gallery Chair

Note: Submissions for Art Gallery are currently closed.

How to Submit

SIGGRAPH 2022 will gather in person in Vancouver and virtually. We look forward to celebrating 49 years of advancements in computer graphics and interactive techniques. We are excited you are submitting your work for consideration.

Log into the submission portal, select the “Make a New Submission” tab, and select the Art Gallery form. To see the information you need to submit, view the sample submission form.

For more information about uploading files for your submission, please see the “Uploading Files” tab in the Submissions FAQ.

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Each submission will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Originality
  • Firmness of the conceptual framework
  • Technical and visual presentation
  • Technological objective
  • Creative use of media
  • Inherent research and quality
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Upon Acceptance

Artists will receive acceptance and rejection notices via email. Then, detailed information and instructions will be sent to selected artists along with the acceptance letter.


Work presented in this exhibition will be published online in archival format in a special section of the ACM Digital Library, along with other accepted materials from other programs featured at SIGGRAPH 2022. Please plan to be available for communications during the first two weeks of April. All work selected for the SIGGRAPH 2022 Art Gallery also will be documented on the SIGGRAPH 2022 website.

Pre-Recorded Video Presentation for Virtual Conference

Artists’ virtual participation is not required. For the virtual portion of the conference, sharing a 10-minute pre-recorded video of your accepted piece (including a separate closed captioning VTT or SRT file) is an option for the artist. Further details and instructions regarding the video specs will be provided upon acceptance. Final accepted pre-recorded video presentations will be published in the ACM Digital Library.

In-Person Experience


  • Installation must be provided for the in-person conference. Artist attendance at the in-person conference is encouraged but not required.
  • We will work closely with you to ensure proper and effective installation of your work.
  • You must submit exhibition-ready work.
  • Prints must be framed and ready to hang; three-dimensional works must be assembled and ready for display; installation works must be complete with detailed set-up instructions and diagrams; etc.
  • If your work requires any specialty items such as furniture, carpet or audio visual equipment you will need to order and pay for these items. Items are available on a rental basis and can be ordered.


  • Accepted artists are responsible for the coordination and expense associated with bringing or shipping their work to SIGGRAPH 2022 in Vancouver, Canada. Artists also are responsible for return shipping after the conference.

Optional Presentation

  • Artists have the option to participate in a panel/roundtable with other artists on-site at SIGGRAPH 2022 in Vancouver and must be registered at the appropriate registration level for Art Gallery.

Presenter Recognition

To present your work at SIGGRAPH 2022, all contributors must register at the appropriate registration level.

You can find a link to the contributor recognition policy here.

Other Details

Upon acceptance, you will be able to update your basic submission information (title, list of artists, and description) so that it can be included on the SIGGRAPH 2022 website.

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All deadlines are 22:00 UTC/GMT unless otherwise noted.

1 February 2022
Submission form deadline

Mid-April 2022
Acceptance or rejection notices are sent to all submitters.

10 June 2022
On-demand 10-minute pre-recorded video deadline (optional).

24 July 2022
Official publication date.

4–5 August 2022
Setup of Installation

8–11 August 2022

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